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Privacy Policy



甲. 為向閣下提供最新資訊、服務、產品或設施或開展下列「閣下的資料的用途及使用」部分所列明的活動,我們需要不時向閣下收集個人資料。閣下無義務提供所要求的個人資料,惟如閣下未能提供所要求的個人資料或其中的任何一部分,我們可能無法向閣下提供該等最新資訊、服務、產品、設施或活動。


乙. 我們亦可能產生及編製有關閣下的資料。由閣下提供的個人資料以及所有我們不時產生及編製的有關閣下的資料統稱爲「閣下的資料」。


丙. 我們可能不時將閣下的資料用於以下一個或多個用途:

1. 提供最新資訊、服務、產品、設施或活動(包括我們的網站),以及與行政、管理、業務營運及維護服務(包括處理服務、產品、設施或活動的申請或要求)有關之事宜;
2. 與閣下聯絡(包括回應閣下的查詢或查閱資料的要求);
3. 促銷服務、產品、設施、活動或其他主題(詳情請參閱下列「於直接促銷中使用閣下的資料」部分,閣下可選擇拒絕接收促銷  資訊);
4. 提供、管理及經營任何會籍、忠誠或獎賞計劃;
5. 管理及維護網站運作,及於有需要時診斷問題;
7. 調查及處理涉及我們或我們的任何客戶、訪客或網站使用者的投訴、索償或事件;
8. 防止、偵察或調查可疑或非法活動;
9. 按香港境內或境外適用的任何法律、法庭命令、指令、守則或指引的要求作出披露;及
10. 與上述任何一項相關的用途。


In complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the laws of the Hong Kong ("Ordinance"), we strive to safeguard your data privacy.  This Statement sets out matters relating to the collection and use of your personal data.


Collection of Your Data

A. From time to time, it is necessary for us to collect your personal data for providing you with updates, services, products or

facilities or carrying out activities described in the "Purpose and Use of Your Data" section below. It is not obligatory to supply the requested personal data but if you fail to supply the requested data or any part thereof, we may not be able to provide you with the updates, services, products, facilities or activities.

B. We may also generate and compile information about you. Personal data provided by you and all information generated and compiled by us about you from time to time is collectively referred to as "Your Data".


Purpose and Use of Your Data

C. We may use Your Data for one or more of the following purposes from time to time:

1. providing updates, services, products, facilities or activities (including our website) and matters relating to administration, management, operation and maintenance (including processing applications or requests for services, products, facilities or activities) ;
2. communicating with you (including responding to your enquiries or requests for information) ;
3. marketing services, products, facilities, activities or other subjects (please see further details in "Use of Your Data in Direct Marketing" section below and you may opt out from receiving marketing information);
4. offering, managing and operating any membership, loyalty or reward programmes;
5. administering and maintaining our website and diagnosing problems where necessary;
6. designing, reviewing, evaluating and enhancing our services, products, facilities or activities (including conducting research, survey and analysis for those purposes);
7. investigating and handling complaints, claims or incidents involving us or any of our customers, visitors or website users;
8. preventing, detecting or investigating suspicious or illegal activities;
9. making disclosure when required by any law, court order, direction, code or guideline applicable in or outside Hong Kong; and 
10. purposes relating to any of the above.

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